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Prof. Alfred "Coach" Powell
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Our children have genius potential within them, and for 25+ years, my job has been to pull it out of them. As an award winning football and track coach, I'm honored to say that my skills-building, team-building, and motivational techniques have produced some of the finest athletes to come out of the nation's public schools. Many have gone on to play pro ball in the NFL.

Over the years I adapted my coaching techniques, which were developed for students in neglected communities, for use in the classroom. My professional trainings develop the "inner coach" of the adults who love and work with them.

In 2000, I founded the Human Motivation Council and later the Human Motivation Circle to expand services to underserved urban and rural communities. My staff and I work with school districts, churches, drug courts, prisons, juvenile detention centers, and social service agencies. I consult with parents, educators, ministers, law enforcement, prevention specialists, and youth, K-12. We also work with several colleges, including HBCUs. My book, Hip Hop Hypocrisy: When Lies Sound Like the Truth, is being taught in college psychology courses and used in other campus programs. (To purchase, see below.)

You can have the best curriculum in the world, but if your students aren't motivated and prepared to learn, even the best programs won't be effective. Our approach to preparing and motivating students to learn is powerful and effective. We teach them to value and take responsibility for their own educational experience. We develop and implement life-changing prevention and mentoring programs and materials. And we are making a difference.

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When it comes to the healthy development and safety of our children, I'm in it to win it! How about you?

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Coaching in the Classroom: Helping Underserved Students Win the Game of Academic Excellence by Alfred "Coach" Powell (Ed. Donna Marie Williams)

Teachers and school leaders, Coaching in the Classroom provides the tools you can use right away to turn things around in your classrooms. Based on Prof. Alfred "Coach" Powell's 25+ years of coaching inner city student athletes to several state championships, playoffs, runner ups, and qualifiers, his classroom coaching method instills student discipline, responsibility, mental toughness, character, and team work. Excellent for veteran and student teachers alike!

Journal for Young Men #1 and Girlfriends Diary #1 (Real Talk, Real Thoughts About Love, Relationships & Sex) by Alfred "Coach" Powell and Donna Marie Williams

Tested in Coach Powell's live workshops with teens, these abstinence-based journals provide guidance and stimulate critical thinking and decision making around love, relationships, and sex.

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School's In Session!!

Coach Powell uses the power of music to teach students prevention strategies, leadership skills, character, respect for others and self, a winning attitude, and the value of academic excellence. By popular demand, his motivational workshop hits are now on CD! If you like hip hop beats & R&B with your positivity, buy School's In Session ~ for your kids, yourself, & your cousin! Great stocking stuffers for the holidays!

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Schools and institutions using Hip Hop Hypocrisy in programs and courses
-South Carolina State University
-Huston-Tillotson University (Austin, TX)
-SBA Academy-Wisser Park Youth Center (Ft. Wayne, IN)
-Academy of Michigan (Detroit, MI)
-Department for National Drug Control, Government of Bermuda

"Considering the current situation of Don Imus & Hip Hop, your book Hip Hop Hypocrisy is definitely prophetic." Workshop Participant, Bermuda

"Congrats on being one of the few to take on the challenge of media manipulation before the Imus thing. The battle lines are drawn." Workshop Participant, Missouri

The "keeping it real" business of commercialized gangsta rap has perpetrated a hoax on children, especially children of color. Professor Alfred “Coach” Powell exposes how lies and hypocrisies have hurt a generation, and he provides strategies for rescuing our children. Hip Hop Hypocrisy explores:

-The 15 social-historical behaviors gangsta rappers and the KKK have in common 
-The one seductive technique most commonly used by both gangsta rappers and pedophiles to sexually tease, titillate, and psychologically trap our children 
-The satanic themes behind Christian symbolism in gangsta Hip Hop 
-How “nigga,” "bitch," and “pimp” are flipped to be positive

And much more!

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First published evidence of the predatory marketing schemes of alcohol manufacturers targeting urban youth!

For years, the malt liquor industry enjoyed phenomenal, unchecked growth in poor African American and Latino communities…until Coach Powell began to research and write about a correlation he noticed between the sinister urban marketing of malt liquor and the increasing rates of addiction among his athletes.

In 1996, Message N/A Bottle: The 40oz Scandal (vol. 1) was published. Coach Powell visited hundreds of schools, churches, and social service agencies to report his findings. He decoded the bottle labels, TV commercials, and print ads to reveal subliminal campaigns using Christian, African American, Native American, and Hip Hop symbols and spokespersons—all targeted to urban youth.

One Milwaukee official said that Message N/A Bottle was "required reading" there. Service providers and prevention specialists credit Coach Powell with single-handedly reversing the trend of marketing malt liquor to urban youth.

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